Our Team

Cindy Aldridge

Cindy Aldridge is a partner at Aldridge Consulting and has experience in management, process improvement, performance improvement, human resources, mergers and acquisitions and finance.

She has achieved a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management She has industry experience within the following sectors: Banking, Construction, Food & Beverage, Government, Hospitality, Information Services, Real Estate and Transportation.

Her personal achievements include growing a startup to $6M and selling for $18M; implementing financial management control processes; reorganizing operating departments that improved throughput; established performance improvement processes; increased EBIT 18% YOY and Net Profit 17% YOY.

Her service skills include process improvement; cashflow management; client/customer service; startup operations; strategic planning; organizational development; business systems; leadership development and financial management.

Cindy served on the board of directors for Arizona's largest regional bank for 10 years and served as a City Council member for four years. She is also a recipient of a regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and a National Working Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Client/Customer Service.

Jerry Aldridge

Jerry Aldridge is a partner at Aldridge Consulting with experience in management, process improvement, performance, product development, and structuring customer service delivery.

Jerry studied at Pepperdine University School of Business and Caterpillar Engine Division Marketing School. Jerry has industry experience in the following sectors: Insurance, Automotive and Recreational Vehicle, Real Estate Development, RV Resort Development, Hospitality, Automobile Clubs, Towing, and Food & Beverage.

Jerry was the president of Shepherd Machinery Federal Credit Union, a top salesman for Caterpillar Engine Division, and founded his own North American insurance company before he was 30. He founded Landen Bias Insurance Corporation to develop a roadside assistance network to provide “Sign and Drive” road service for motorists and offered its first product, Coach Net RV Roadside and Technical Assistance, to the RV marketplace.

Jerry has experience in the start-up, operation, and sale of numerous companies. His forte’ is refining a company’s operational structure to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. He has implemented highly successful employee education programs to optimize productivity and efficiencies in the workplace.

Jerry is proud to have chaired and managed a political campaign which successfully acquired $29 million for improved education in a city school district and is proud to be named Citizen of the Year in his hometown.